Wall Street results at an affordable flat fee.

The Trademark Group provides Bay Street or Wall Street-calibre trademark registration services, but at an all-inclusive flat fee that any business owner can afford.

We are a boutique Toronto IP law firm exclusively providing external 'in-house' support to some of North America's most prominent and valuable brands.

We’ve heard many stories of clients overspending on pricey, hourly-rate lawyers. We’ve seen others find themselves in legal hot water after using ‘bargain’ unlicensed trademark filing services. We knew we had the expertise to provide a better option. Since 2014 we have provided personalized, expert service to thousands of brands across North America. Now The Trademark Group brings this premium, attentive service to clients in need of efficient, cost-assured trademark filing.

Our Clients

We are a team of expert Intellectual Property lawyers and CIPO/USPTO registered trademark agents reimagining the way trademark services are delivered.

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Our Team

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Julie MacDonell, BFA

Founder, Trademark Lawyer, Registered Trademark Agent

Julie is routinely called upon to ‘unstick’ difficult or potentially expensive legal disputes, offering out-of-the-box approaches to complex client matters. She is known to save clients time and money.
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With over 12 years of legal experience, Julie MacDonell is a sought-after senior-level lawyer who specializes in trademark, intellectual property (IP), and entertainment law. Julie is currently the most quoted trademark expert in Canada. Some of her media appearances include the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, CBC, Global TV, Flare Magazine, CTV, and Newstalk1010.

Uniquely qualified as a bilingual, registered trademark agent for both Canada (CIPO) and the US (USPTO), Julie has worked with a wide range of clients from large multi-national corporations (Pink Berry®), to smaller businesses (Cameron’s Brewing Co.), to bootstrapping startups.

Innovation is a strong focus for Julie’s practice. She is the co-founder of The Trademark Group—a boutique IP litigation firm, and CEO of a legal tech startup called Trademark DIY. On a casual basis, she provides entertainment and media law service to a select client base.

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Don-Ray Simmonds,

Senior Associate, Trademark Expert

As an Associate Lawyer and Trademark Expert, Don possesses a unique combination of skills and expertise combined with professional and academic accomplishment.
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Don is a senior-level associate lawyer and trademark expert. Don received both his BCL and LLB from McGill University’s Faculty of Law.

Don has extensive international legal experience in intellectual property (IP) and has helped clients register their trademarks and copyrights in many jurisdictions worldwide, including Canada, the US, the EU, and China. Don provides our clients with effective advice on company IP strategies and their implementation, manages IP portfolios, and aids in the negotiation of IP agreements and licensing contracts.

Don skillfully prepares legal documents for submission to international trademark registries, as well as to the Canadian provincial and federal courts. He conducts careful research regarding legal issues and presents persuasive arguments supporting our clients’ positions on various legal matters. Don’s ability to interpret and explain laws, court rulings, and regulations enables him to provide our clients with continuing guidance on legal matters and their implications, to help them protect their intellectual property. He works closely with our clients to define strategic legal defences, provide guidance in dispute settlement, and assess the merits of litigation when warranted.

In addition to his deep expertise in IP law, Don also has a musical and television background, working previously as an independent artist and as an audio engineer for CTV News. Don’s involvement in the arts and television industry supplements his knowledge of entertainment law, in which he has over 10 years of practical and legal experience.

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Ryan Kaiser,
BS (Marketing), JD

Of counsel, US Trademark Attorney, Registered Trademark Agent

With nearly 15 years of experience as an intellectual property (IP) attorney, Ryan delivers prompt, practical, and actionable IP solutions to clients in all industries. He received his JD from Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, with a specialization in IP law.
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Ryan has managed trademark portfolios of some of the world’s most well-known consumer brands. He helps our clients identify, protect, defend, and monetize a company’s IP assets. He assists with trademark searches, USPTO and international filings, IP licensing, and infringement actions.

Ryan began his career advising clients on trademark portfolio management, audits, and strategy, as well as trademark and copyright procurement and licensing. He continues to counsel clients on the development and enforcement of US and international IP rights, and is actively involved in the prosecution and licensing of US and international trademarks. Ryan also plans and implements effective trademark policing and enforcement strategies to ensure the security and value of his clients’ rights. Ryan has a proven track record of obtaining favorable outcomes, not only in the courts but also before various administrative agencies, such as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), the National Advertising Division (NAD), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). He also assists clients in negotiating, structuring, and drafting licensing and other agreements and commercial contracts.

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Dave MacDonell

Founder, Senior Trademark Expert

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Co-founder of The Trademark Group, Dave is a trademark expert with over 10 years of experience, advising clients in all industries, but with a specialization in technology. He expertly supports clients through all stages of the trademark life cycle. Dave has held senior technical support positions with prominent companies such as KPMG, where he managed all aspects of tax software support, including documentation, software deployment, vendor relations, and operational activities.

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Enid Goldberg

Senior Trademark Paralegal

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Enid is The Trademark Group's trademark paralegal and communications specialist. She brings to our team over a decade of senior experience in the trademark field. Enid handles all stages of trademark prosecution, from clearance searches to registration renewals. Having a background as a copyeditor, Enid also brings excellent written communication skills and a sharp eye for detail, ensuring that documents are accurate and complete, and managed with precision.

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Alana Ennis

IPIC Certified Canadian Trademark Administrator

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Alana is The Trademark Group's trademark administrator. She provides administrative support to our lawyers and trademark agents, and serves as the primary contact for clients, ensuring client satisfaction. Alana is among the first Certified Canadian Trademark Administrators, having scored in the top tenth percentile on the qualifying exam of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s Trademark Administrator Program.

In the News

The Trademark Group team helped us to register our SMARTfx trademarks in both Canada and the US. They made the process very easy and affordable, and we are so relieved that our brand is fully protected! Now we can focus on growing our business.

Harry Govind, CEO SMARTfx

In the fashion industry, trademarks are EVERYTHING. With trademarks, you become a brand, and brands drive marketability. So protecting your trademarks is really about protecting your sales. I refer INLAND's designers to The Trademark Group because the value they offer can't be beat.

Sarah Power, CEO/Founder, INLAND

We celebrate our staff in so many ways, and our trademarks encourage this positive image. People see our quirky logo and know who we are and what we do, all by that funny little foot! We knew it was important to register it.

Victoria Sicilia, Fund Development Manager, Good Foot

As a tech startup, we wanted an innovative, modern firm handling our trademarks. With The Trademark Group, I could do everything by phone and email - so easy. I was surprised by how much time our lawyer spent with us. Every question was answered, and the process was explained in detail. Lawyers don't usually do that!

Ann Poochareon, Co-Founder, Little Robot Friends

We had several brand names and logos that needed to be registered both in Canada and the US. The Trademark Group worked with our tight budget, and we’ve developed a great partnership!

Dwayne Washington, CEO/Founder, NIKE UPLAY Canada

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