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Whatever service you choose, a highly-experienced trademark lawyer and registered trademark agent will act as your representative throughout the process and answer any questions along the way.

Comprehensive Trademark Search (Canada or US)
First Application (Canada or US)
Second Application (Canada or US)

Our innovative, personalized service will minimize registration hassles, avoid delays, and ensure you register the strongest possible trademark.


Comprehensive Trademark Search

After consulting with you by phone, we may recommend an extensive trademark search. If this is the case, we will order a comprehensive trademark clearance report (a full search of the relevant government trademark register, plus common-law conflicts). We will also provide a lawyer-drafted legal opinion letter summarizing the report, stating the likelihood of success and suggesting strategies for success.


Trademark Application

Once we are confident that there are no apparent conflicts, we’ll begin the trademark application process for you. We will expertly draft and file your trademark application for you, and become your representative on record. That means that all correspondence relating to your trademark application will be forwarded to us for response on your behalf.


Examiner’s Report

When your application is reviewed by the CIPO or the USPTO, you may have to respond to objections raised by an examiner. Most objections are simple in nature and can be resolved in a quick phone call to the examiner, or a minor revision to the language of your application. We handle all simple (non-substantive) objections quickly and at no additional cost. In the rare case that we receive a complex (substantive) objection (based on, for example, descriptiveness, confusion with another trademark, or obscenity) we will notify you immediately to discuss your options.


Advertisement and Opposition

The advertisement of your trademark application gives any third parties a time-limited opportunity to oppose or challenge your right to own the mark before it is registered. We will notify you of any third-party oppositions immediately.


Statement of Use (US only)

If your US application was filed based on ‘Intention to Use in the United States,’ you will need to either file a statement affirming that you are now actively using the trademark in US commerce, together with samples demonstrating use, or request a time extension to allow you to begin using it. We will handle your statement of use for you at no additional service charge.



If no opposition is filed during the advertisement period, your Canadian trademark application will proceed directly to registration. The CIPO will issue a Certificate of Registration, listing your official registration number and registration date. Your US trademark application will proceed to registration after any allowance requirements are accepted. The USPTO will issue a Certificate of Registration, listing your official registration number and registration date.

Additional Services & Support

All extra support is provided only with your approval, and at a quoted flat fee whenever possible. No surprise bills, ever.

Design Search & Opinion

If your application involves a logo, or other design, the search process becomes more involved. Consequently our fees for design mark searches are higher than word mark searches.

Examiner's Report:
Complex Office Actions

To respond to complex Office Actions, we charge on a flat-fee of $850 (plus applicable tax) and will provide a quote once the Examiner's Report is received.

Trademark Opposition

Once your trademark has been ­published, it can be opposed by ­anyone with valid reasons. Oppositions are complicated and much like court proceedings. To respond to Oppositions, or if you want our help to oppose someone else’s trademark, we charge on an hourly-rate basis.

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